Cracked Foundation

We offer geology evaluation and consultation services to future homebuyers who may have concerns about past and potential geologic hazards before they invest in properties. Many properties in California are subject, either directly or indirectly, to a variety of geologic hazards because of the earthquake activity, landsliding, or flooding. Some of these potential geology hazards might include the following.

Earthquake Damage

A typical geologic evaluation might consist of a site reconnaissance with the client to observe the grounds and house foundation, a review of available building permit records for original and subsequent construction at the site, a review of historic aerial photographs dating back approximately 60 years, and a verbal consultation about findings and opinions. We provide clients with copies of all materials discovered during our research. These documents may include published geologic, fault, and landslide maps of the site, available building permit records and building/grading plans, and selected historic aerial photographs of the property.